Review of Pacifica, Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon

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Health Services - The Princess Margaret Hospital is not too far away; maybe a 15 minute drive or taxi ride. In the nearby estate, general practitioner doctors available. 

Aquamarine along Hing Wah Street with Pacifica on the far right.



There's a mall at Pacifica where you can shop for all the necessities. There's a huge International supermarket, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and the always present Seven-Eleven and Watsons, Dispensaries, bakeries, small restaurants, and others. There are still many unoccupied shops too. If you prefer to shop at Wellcome for your groceries, just walk over to Liberte Place.

The Pacifica Mall is connected with the Mall for Liberte called Liberte Place, and the Banyan Mall of Banyan Garden.

To shop and really enjoy it, you need to get the 701 bus to the Mong Kok East MTR station to the Grand Century Place shopping plaza or the Langham Place, or the Olympic Shopping Mall (701 bus route serves these three shopping malls). Or at the Fa Yuen Street street mall of course! If you take the 702 bus, it can take you to the Dragon Centre Mall or the Golden Computer Centre in Sham Shui Po. 

Dining Out

There are not a few choices at the Pacifica Mall, Liberte Place, and Banyan Mall altogether. For fast food you have McDonalds and Pizza Hut, Cafe de Coral too.

Under the elevated West Kowloon Corridor highway. It's so close.



Pacifica is quite young and prices are on the higher side. Prices of flats fluctuate as with all Hong Kong.


Pacifica is in the corner of the West Kowloon Corridor highway and the busy Lai Chi Kok Road. If your flat faces these major highway or road, definitely you will be bothered by the noise.

Entrance along Lai Chi Kok Road.



The buildings are new and quite nice to look at from the inside and out. That's one of the first things you will notice with this development. The lifts are new and fast. The podium garden is attractively beautiful. Cleaning and maintenance staff are doing a very good job.

Google Street View

Use technology to see the surroundings of Pacifica.

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Pacifica is new and the facilities are modern. It should be enjoyable to stay and live in it. For a semi-luxury apartment complex however, the flats are smaller than one would expect. Bathrooms and kitchen layouts are originally not very attractive, but changes can be made of course.

What stands out at Pacifica however is its closeness to many schools. Parents with school children studying in nearby schools would love to be here. The time saved by students in travel is very appealing.

Hong Kong Housing

Finding a place you can call your home in Hong Kong is a tricky endeavour. There are many factors that needs to be taken into consideration.

"Hong Kong house" is usually not used as the concept of a detached home is almost unknown. Hong Kong houses just for you, or your family is almost non-existent. Most of the time here in Hong Kong you need to live in apartments or flats and have to share one floor or level with many others.

Yes, real estate in Hong Kong is unique. Newcomers mostly rent in Hong Kong. And this may be the best approach to housing. You know, you get to know first the area where you want to live long term with your specific needs taken into consideration before buying something, if that is your plan. Prices are at very high levels (compared to historical levels) that buying immediately is not suggested.

Before buying, you need to know the property very well. This site is a good start in that direction.

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